Due to insurance reason it is necessary to have a freediving certification to enter to Y-40 pool.

We will dance at maximun depth of 10 meters and for that we need at least the minimun certificate for freediving.
Here are some suggestions about how to find a course of freediving:

If you are already an expert certificated freediver we can try to go deeper into the hole of Y-40 pool.
Take a picture of your certification, keep it on your mobile, and fill the agreement form.

If you can’t find one we can arrange a course two days before the meeting with Marisa who is instructor of Apnea Life Style ESA school.
Ask for it by email.








Program of Apnea Life Style Dance course

1st day

On the ground:

– physical and mental relaxation
– diaphragmatic breathing, pranayama with use of the app
– lung and muscle stretching, yoga
– exercises of improvised dance, contact improvisation 

In thermal pool:

– use of mask, snorkel and nose clip
– static apnea, maternage, rescue
– dynamics on the surface of the water
– contact improvisation in shallow water
– upside down equalization
– dynamic with weights and small fins

2nd day (at Y40 pool or in the sea) (2 dives):

– descent with rope without fins
– buoyancy
– pole dance with rope at 5 meters
– movements at 10 meters depth alone and in pairs
– rescue
– movements in the scenography of Y40 (or of the sea)
– movements and dance with fins

3rd day (at Y40 pool or in the sea) (1 dive):

– problems related to video shooting in apnea (clothes, theatricality, chlorine, timing …)
– final video realization

Text: “Deep water motion manual by Marisa Cecchetti

Required material: mask, snorkel, swimming fins, freediving fins (available at the Y40 with a document on the poolside), nose clip, video clothes, headphones.
Copy of valid non-competitive sports medical certificate.