Registrations are closed

If you want to follow the course of Apnea Life Style Dance and get the certification at any time during the year please contact me.


Shared costs:
accomodation in a double bedroom
towels and sheets

Individual costs:
entrance to the Y-40 = 32 Euro for 1h and 30min pp
entrance to Petrarca pool = 16 Euro pp



Swimsuit, mask, snorkel, fins (the Y-40 is equipped with fins of various measures included in the admission price), light dress made of synthetic material (not cotton: the chlorine pool damages it!) for performances in water, swimming cap, freediving certificate*, comfortable clothes for contact improvisation on the grass, yoga mat, nose clip, underwater video camera (optional).

IMPORTANT: Fill the Y-40 AGREEMENT FORM before coming to the meeting.


*Before coming take a picture of your certification and bring it on your mobile: if you forget it at home you will not enter to Y-40 pool!