There are three different locations where the festival takes places:
– Y-40 pool
– in the nature
– Petrarca pools
They are all in Montegrotto Terme (Padova) 35036 – Italy

The Y-40 pool (via Cataio 42) was built in 2014 and it is composed by different areas with different depths: 1.5m, 5m, 7m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 42m.
The water is naturally thermal and it is about 33°C so you don’t need any wetsuit to swim there.
We will dance in the 10m area and the last day we will try to go deeper with the rope for a freediving training.
To entry at Y-40 is required to fill the consent form .






For contact improvisation, yoga and excursions we will be in Rossana’ house that is on a hill few minutes far from the Y-40 pool (location Turri). It has a wide space outside in the nature with grass and trees, a very silent space for yoga relaxation and meditation.








To practice watsu and water dance and of course a water jam of contact improvisation, we will go to Petrarca pools  (Piazza Roma 23) during one or more nights. There we can relax in the different thermal whirlpools inside and outside where the temperature of the water is about 34-36°C before going to sleep.






Montegrotto Terme is a natural thermal location with many facilities available to the public where you can enjoy in total comfort watsu, water contact dance, static apnea.
Easily reached by train: Terme Euganee train stop (http://www.trenitalia.com/).
The nearest airports are Bologna (BLQ), Venice (VCE), Treviso (TSF).
By car you have to exit at Terme Euganee from the highway A13.